We used a digital first approach to refresh NS&I’s brand language. The new visual language is designed to lead the user through the experience of understanding who NS&I are, what products they can purchase and once purchased how to manage their finances easily and effectively across a wide range of channels.

I developed a dynamic visual language that could be bold when promoting new products, but simple and functional when allowing existing customers to manage their accounts. This system adapts across all of their websites to give adistinctive but familar feel.

By creating a typography and colour lead approach to the brand refresh we coul ensure that the new brand was consistent across every touchpoint. Unusually photography is used only in a supportive role as it’s a less ownable asset.

Colour is used to signpost a new customer through their journey with NS&I, they’re first presented with a strong array of products, before delving into a specific product and then taken through a purchase journey. Once their product has been purchased the colour is dialled down to create a more functional feel.

Both the marketing and banking site are fully adaptive. Instead of following a simple responsive framework, I examined each device type in detail and created tailored interaction solutions for the optimal experience.